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Re: Fw: Re: [at-l] Question

Jeremy Reiter wrote:
> Kahley wrote:
> > Anyone have figures on the steepest stretch or the
> > longest haul???  Go ahead..make my day <g> k./\
> Well, from a political analysis (i.e. using anectdotal instead of factual
> evidence), i would say that the Stecoah's (heading north from the NOC in Wesser)
> is the longest haul. I would think the steepest overall climb has to be Katahdin. I believe you gain a little over
> 4,000 feet in 5 miles. The profile map for Katahdin is by far my favorite of all
> profiles. I would say that Albert Mt. (NC) is runner-up for "nastiest-looking
> profile" (can't wait to see what Felix says about that category), but is actually
> not very bad.  The remaining obvious
> ones are almost anything in the Whites, and the entire state of Maine. YMMV.

I agree that Climbing to Cheoah was fairly intense, as is, of course, 
Katahdin. I didn't notice anything at Albert Mt. (I didn't have my maps 
at that point, so don't know what the profiles looked like). I was there 
on New Years Eve (day) and it was quite nice (an incredible day, in 
general). But, the one that Mr. Rambleon didn't mention was Three 
Ridges/Priest. It'll get ya in either direction. 

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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