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Re: [at-l] Slumberjack bivy was a couple questions

Are you talking about the Slumberjack summer bivy? I tried it--in my 
yard only--a coupla years ago. First I pitched it and shimmied in. Weird 
entrance for me. Then I tried to "deploy" the rain fly while in the 
tent--something some enthusiatic copy writer somewhere had claimed 
possible. I failed miserable and went inside to call the company. It 
went something like this:

ME: I have some questions about your summer bivy.
THEM: Ah....there's one guy here who uses it. Let me go find him.

ME: Okay, I'm uncoordinated. How am I supposed to put on the fly from 
inside the bivy?
GUY: Oh, you can't really do that. You have to get out.

ME: Okay. But how do I keep my down bag dry when getting in and out in 
bad weather?
GUY: Oh, I wouldn't recommend using a down bag with this bivy.

ME: Okay. If I used my synthetic bag, how would I keep that dry while 
getting in and out?
GUY: I have a secret. Bring a portable vestibule. It's called an 

I'm much happier with my Eureka! Gossamer. 'Nuff said, other than YMMV.

Give Me Chocolate

kahley7 wrote:
> You know, if the weight on this is accurate, that is not a bad shelter!
> I don't know anything about Slumberjack stuff other than their bags
> are heavy.  This might be really nice for those sticky July nites when
> T-Storms threaten.  Says you can put the fly on while mostly inside!
> I'd have to see the fly though.  With so much mesh it better be long enough
> to prevent splashback.  k/\
> Stan Johnson wrote:
> >    I have been looking at a bivy, summer tent that Campmor has for $60.00.
> > It has an all mesh top, is over 7 foot long, and over 3 feet wide.  It
> > weighs a little over 2 pounds.  It has full "side entrance" and, from the
> > advertisement, seems to be made of decent material.  I was wondering if
> > anyone has any experience with this bivy and what they thought.
> >
> >      Second question:  I will be on the AT this summer, (Damascus, VA to
> > Boiling Springs, Penn.) and will be in Penn. early in July.  I have some
> > friends who want to hike with me for 3 or 4 days in Penn.  I was wondering
> > if anyone had a favorite section in this area (between Penn state line and
> > Boiling Springs) that they could recommend.
> >
> >      Thanks in advance.
> >           Backtracker
> >
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