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Re: [at-l] Smoke shifters (was: Me)

Tim Hewitt wrote:

A whole bunch of silliness about smoke shifter which
I snip!!

Paddler, my friend, and I will call you my friend,  you
rarely post anything that disturbs me.  I guess this could
have been sent private but this post just punched my buttons
cause I think it just points out all to well the growing problem
looming over the backpacking industry.  When a person, like
you, who I deeply respect, falls victim and even goes so far as to
spread such foolishness as smokeshifter specialty shops.........
well what have we become!!!!!

I_am_not_ questioning the need for one!  I reeeeaally don't
want to start that war again.  I think we did reach an accord
that even in PA and NY, they are a boon.  But why would
you encourage people purchasing them.  Where is your
spirit of self reliance.  Even the "legal" design is easy enough
to fabricate.  And the idea that someone like you would make
multiple purchases in some yuppie shop full of imports has
reduced your stature in my eyes.  And this comes from a
self confessed gearhead.  signed....very disappointed   k./\

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