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Re: [at-l] Re: Cold giardia and Iodine

Your getting a bit confused. 1) Viruses don't metabolize, they

2) Iodine works as a bleaching agent. It oxidizes/burns the buggers. The
problem with cold water is not the rate of metabolism, but the rate of
oxidation. It simply is slower at a colder temperature. 

3) Purifiers make very little sense in US, in any case. The idea of a
purifier is to treat warmer (usually tap) water from questionable
sources overseas. The folks who use purifiers rather than filters simply
have a belt and suspenders and duct tape mentality. 

Atlanta, GA

Gary Buffington wrote:
>         Iodine kills giardia and other micro-organisms by interfering with their
> cellular metabolism.  The organism takes on the temperature of the water.
> Cold microbes have slowed metabolism; therefore, the metabolic time (we
> call it contact time) must be longer according to the tables previously
> published in this list.
>         Using this concept, it becomes difficult to understand the logic of a
> "purifier" which contains iodine resin that imparts iodine to the water to
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