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[at-l] Gaz Stoves

My parents gave me a GAZ stove + plus lantern attachment for christmas. 
I'd even written down that I wanted Sierra Zip stove or Esbit Pocket,
included numbers to call for them, and got a GAZ??!?  go figure!  
The REI suckage must have been really amazing that day...

anyways - I've been following the discussion on butane and how it
doesn't work well in the cold.  Haven't gotten around to buying the
cartidges for the GAZ, but in looking closely at the picture on the box,
it looks like it says Butane.  Has anyone used this stove before and if
so, what do you think of it?  Would it work for a mid-march start?

I've got some shorter trips this spring & summer that I can try it out
on, but am curious to know if I should also get something else for the
start of the thru hike and keep the GAZ for the middle when the weather
is better, I'm in better shape and will maybe have some energy to
actually cook something that requires more effort than boiling water.

I'd hate to get up there high in the GA mtns and be unable to use my

maybe I should just take back the GAZ and use the store credit for
something else??

( hopefully Ten Toes 2000)
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