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Re: [at-l] beer

Kahley mailed this to me..but I do not think she will mind if I share it
with the list..

Happy trails and good drinking! :-)

On Mon, 04 Jan 1999 13:20:18 -0800 kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> writes:
>Who could pass through Vermont without trying the very best micro:
>Long Trail
>IPA from Long Trail Brewing Company in Bridgewater, Vt.  There is a
>side trail
>from the  A T to the brewery, but I don't know exectly where it 
>trail.  My son (former head brewer at Long Trail) and I are spring
>hikers every year.  Rawley is now the brewer at Times Square Brewery 
>N Y C.
>Also try Jasper Murdochs Brewpub in Norwich, Vt, about 100 yards off
>trail.  In the White Mountains of N H is the Tuckerman Brewing 
>in N
>Conway, N H.  In Maine is Sunday River B C and Sugarloaf B C near
>Rangley Me.
>Off the Long Trail in Middlebury is the excellent Otter Creek B C.  
>goes on and on.  What great fun to hike and visit the various micros.

Now, a word from me. Long Trail Ale is good stuff,... mmm mmm

On the Long Trail, just as  you hit RT 15 (about 10 miles after doing Mt.
Mansfield, and just after Lamoille River (sp?) bridge)  there is this
place called the Long Trail Tavern.  Like the Inn at Long Trail, it is
smack on the trail.
They have great bar and grill type food.  I hade a HUGE basket of fries, 
this monster sandwich called the "Chicken Gorrila" and a yummy pint of
Long Trail Ale for $7 and change..  How can you beat that? :)  The owner
is super hiker friendly. They also sell these great T-shirts...should
have picked one up when I went through there! :(

So it is not on the AT...but it is another great place to get good beer
(and cheap eats) while hiking.  

Magaroni.....who is starting to think he only hikes so he can eat lots of
food without
                      the guilt.
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