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[at-l] Sad days in the trial community

Morning all and Happy New Year. The end of 1998 was very busy for me and
I have not had time to follow the current thread re TP and the rash of
folks being removed. This saddens me. I have had few conversations with
WF but I found that I was not comfortable in his "space." I kept this
private because our differences in views were not important, IMO. 

I'm starting to ramble here so I'll get on to my question. Is the website
space that Ryan mentioned going to be used to post the thru hiker
journals? I really enjoy reading these and it looks like access to TP can
be blocked, which makes me wonder who is next to be blocked and whether
I'll get to read them in '99.

I apologize for being so far behind the thread. Hopeful

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