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Help with weather and a few other things

I have a slight problem.  I am supposed to be taking mom back home (81 North
from Upper East TN to 64 East, thru Waynesboro and on to Va Beach VA.)  We
were going to leave in the morning, then I was coming back on Sunday.  It is
nice and snowy here.  I think we'd be okay - but then on the National Weather
Channel they are showing scary pictures crossing around VA and predicting ice
storms - maybe even a state of emergency.  Unfortunately, no specifics about
WHERE in VA.  So - anyone on this list in any area around our route have any
more specific weather predictions?  If we don't go, they will have to postpone
moms surgery, and she's ready to get this over with.  Another week of waiting
will drive her crazy.  Any help/info would be appreciated.

Now - welcome, Elizabeth aka Momolio :)  You will surely find we're a great
group of people <G> although a little nuts sometimes, and infamous for posting
non-Trail related, but "people" related stuff.  We have several resident
humorists, Datto being premiere right now LOL and soon Felix will be back.  It
really is the ultimate "cyber-campfire" - and I agree with a lot of people,
the other list is getting to be too impersonal and rigid.  That is no
disprespect to WF - he has put together a great resource for long distance
hikers.  But I like this forum better - you ask questions and get answers from
people you "know", not faceless people on a website.  So - hope you enjoy the
switch <g>  We're all one big happy family here, although we "do" disagree
sometimes.  All in friendship though, the way it should be.

And Magaroni - I'll join you for that beer ;)

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00

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