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Re: [at-l] Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner

Hi KC, 

> and another bag rated at 35 degrees,,,,I'm confused? 
> How can a bag be 20/35?

The measurement of degrees of a sleeping bag is subjective (there
isn't an industry wide standard for measurement) and each manufacturer
of sleeping bags does their own thing. So one manufacturer's 20 degree
rating may not be the same as another's.

It is my understanding that the TNF Cat's Meow Polarguard 3D is 20
degrees top side and 35 degrees bottom side (because the manufacturer
expects you to use a thermarest or something like it in order to cover
the other 15* of rating on the bottom side of the bag). 

When you see ads of the TNF Cat's Meow Polarguard 3D, sometimes you'll
see it speced at 20* only and sometimes it is speced at 20/35*. You'll
see the same thing with other sleeping bags too such as some Sierra
Designs models. Of course, the model year makes a difference too.
Mine's a 1997 model year.

> I also have a Silk Liner and am following your 
> experiments with great interest. I will start out with 
> my 20 degree bag next year and am debating
> on taking the liner. KC aka War Eagle

If this year (the 1998 thruhiking season) was any indication and you
were going to be starting at Springer in March of 1999, I would think
you're probably going to need that liner for some nights due to how
cold it got on the trail in March 1998. Plus, some thruhikers are
probably going to be muddy and all, so they might want to have a liner
to take the brunt of the slime when they get in their bag at night
rather than the inside lining of their bag getting muddied up.

Last night when I was testing the liner I never would have made it
through the night with the outside temp at 17* if I was out on the
trail without the liner because the inside of my sleeping bag was only
sitting at 64* without the liner -- ahhh...way too cold for me. Ha! I
could tell as long as I could have gotten my feet warmer (via a full
length UL thermarest for instance), I would have been okay for the 17*
night when using the liner inside my sleeping bag. 


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