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Re: [at-l] beer

In a message dated 12/31/98 1:56:37 PM Central Standard Time, thornel@ibm.net

<< The arithmetic is wrong!
 6 Guiness + 6 Bass = 6 Black &amp; Tans (It's a merger, not anaddition)
 (you only have to count the calories of the Bass, also)
 BTW, stay at home and watch TV as you quaff your drinks tonight!

I think it's YOUR arithmatic that's wrong.  In my original post, I had 6
Guinness plus 6 Bass =  12 Black & Tans. (or one large hangover)
And not to worry about the driving.  I will be here in my woods, celebrating
with close friends around our 14th Annual New Year's Eve Bonfire and Beer
Quaffing.  This year's featured beers are:  Newcastle Brown Ale, Bert Grant's
Perfect Porter, Guinness Extra Stout, Bass Ale, Double Diamond Burton Ale,
Alimony Ale (the bitterest brew in America), Saranac Black & Tan, and Blue
Moon Abbey Ale.  Plus whatever unusual brews that the other participants can
scrounge up to bring.  Now if I can only find my way out of the woods when
this is over......

A Happy and Safe New Year to All,
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