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Re: [at-l] Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner

You say you are using a Cats Meow Bag 20/35*   I have a Cats Meow 20 degree
and another bag rated at 35 degrees,,,,I'm confused? How can a bag be 20/35?
I also have a Silk Liner and am following your experiments with great
interest. I will start out with my 20 degree bag next year and am debating
on taking the liner. KC aka War Eagle

>I perfomed updated tests on my Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner last night
>(Stay...Good Tent). Here's a summary:
>Outside temp: 17*F
>Wind: 8mph
>Temp just inside tent door: 34.9
>Temp at my hips with mummy liner: 75.7*F
>Temp at my hips without mummy liner: 64.0*F
>Bag: TNF Cat's Meow 3D Long 20/35* bag on an Ultralite Thermarest 3/4.
>So the mummy liner appeared, from these unscientific tests, to add
>about 11*F +/- of warmth to my sleeping conditions last night. The
>previous tests at 28*F outside temp had the difference at about 4*F
>after a half an hour of sitting still inside the sleeping bag.
>I was really putting out the heat last night and the 75.7*F seemed
>high so I checked it several times and moved the probe around to
>slightly different spots near my hips. The temp always came back in
>the same range so I'm assuming the reading was accurate.
>I was only using a 3/4 Ultralite Thermarest and my feet would have
>been too cold to have fallen asleep. So if I hit this kind of
>temperature on the trail I'd probably put my backpack under my feet to
>get my feet off the ground so I could go to sleep.
>If anyone wants more details of the test, just ask.
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