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Re: [at-l] Trailplace

In a message dated 12/31/98 3:55:06 PM EDT, felton@bluenet.net writes:

<< I have tried to access WF's Trailplace,,,I was reading trail journals and
keeping up with some journals. I keep getting a message  "Forbidden  you don't
have permission to access / on this server"  Did WF kick me off that too,,,or
am I the only one having a problem accessing Trailplace? KC aka War Eagle


I accessed Trailplace without any problems. It looks like he has placed you on
a "No permission to access list" I used to tell people about Trailplace, but I
stopped doing that a few months ago. To me WF is, It is my way or no way,

On his site it says: Persons can have there privileges and/or removal of your
access to Trailplace.com and its associated mailing lists and chatroom
terminated for not following his rules.


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