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Re: [at-l] ATML

In a message dated 12/31/98 8:08:40 AM MST, kniccum@seidata.com writes:

<< However I have
 become more and more disenchanted with the OTHER list and have removed
 myself from that list.  I know that I will continue to enjoy the
 "campfire" here. >>

I left ATML awhile back, but not AT98 or WATL. There didn't seem to be as much
weight-pushing on those lists until recently on WATL. Most of the removal of
people from WF's lists has been because he didn't like their behavior, not
their server.

Bad manners abounded from many sides in the recent WATL fracas. Removing
anyone from the lists for the things that were said FROM WHAT I READ....was
b.s. without removing both parties. Maine Rose will never be removed from WF's
list. She gives back to the trail community, has much to offer and is his
friend. She is also very strongly opinionated and expresses those opinions
strongly in ways that have offended many people, including myself and close
friends of mine.

I can see asking someone to leave the list voluntarily before ousting them.
Yes, it's WF's list and he can be lord of his kingdom as he chooses. I am just
saddened that he would choose this manner. There was no foul language. There
was just some expressions of anger.

For me, i'm happy to be at *this* campfire. It fuels my Trail Fever. Early May
won't be here soon enough.

Second Chance
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