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[at-l] Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner

I perfomed updated tests on my Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner last night
(Stay...Good Tent). Here's a summary:

Outside temp: 17*F
Wind: 8mph
Temp just inside tent door: 34.9

Temp at my hips with mummy liner: 75.7*F
Temp at my hips without mummy liner: 64.0*F

Bag: TNF Cat's Meow 3D Long 20/35* bag on an Ultralite Thermarest 3/4.

So the mummy liner appeared, from these unscientific tests, to add
about 11*F +/- of warmth to my sleeping conditions last night. The
previous tests at 28*F outside temp had the difference at about 4*F
after a half an hour of sitting still inside the sleeping bag. 

I was really putting out the heat last night and the 75.7*F seemed
high so I checked it several times and moved the probe around to
slightly different spots near my hips. The temp always came back in
the same range so I'm assuming the reading was accurate.

I was only using a 3/4 Ultralite Thermarest and my feet would have
been too cold to have fallen asleep. So if I hit this kind of
temperature on the trail I'd probably put my backpack under my feet to
get my feet off the ground so I could go to sleep.

If anyone wants more details of the test, just ask.


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