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Re: [at-l] beer

Magaroni wrote:

<<Ah..now there is a subject near and dear to my heart. A good Black and
Tan. Call me a stodgy traditionalist, but I like mine made with Guinness and
Bass. (Does that make me a purist? :P  ) The brown hue of a Bass, with its
slightly bitter taste mixed with the dark, rich flavor of Guinness. Topped
with just a bit of a thick foam, and do not dare drink a pint until is has
settled for a mininmum of five minutes.>>

This was really mean.  A mouthwatering rendition of one of my favorite adult
beverages arrives in my mailbox at 7:03 IN THE MORNING.  Thanks a LOT, Paul.
How many more minutes until noon?

Lucian ("Bristlecone")
GA>ME '99

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