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[at-l] Let look foward to the best times

Some not so nice stuff in the being of this msg, hopefully, one can only hope,
we can stop trying to read people's motives. Leave sharp rocks behind.
Yea, I know one stick prod here.. stick, stick.. maybe a marshmellow or
food fight is in order.  If you are a tenderfeet, skip right to the end for
there is some good news there. Perhaps the reading of this long msg will be so
boring that we won't have to address the issue next year.

to all on at-L, Join the campfire.. learn of the trail and the mindset.

It's within you.

Happy New Year.. hopefully this last post of the year for me will flush the

Be well and as I always say: Enjoy life to the fullest...

Tom bear bells Caggiano..

Long trail here, just take the blue trail to the very end of the msg :)

At 11:46 PM -0500 12/30/98, Owen wrote:
>Ryan K. Brooks wrote:
>> Ditto. I've offered many times, I pushed pretty hard on the xposting
>>issue and he basically concluded by saying that the cross posting problem
>>really wasn't a technical one.

That is correct. but like I said before on xposting. All WF has asked on
HIS site is
for the users of his site NOT to multi-list. Just send one post to one site and
resend another to any other site. Actually using bcc rather than to I think
would solve the issue in one posting ?

>Ryan -
>You're right, it's never been a  technical problem - it's a control
>issue.  IMO - WF's preference would be for those on atml to never know
>there is another list.

Well this might be an overstatement since the reason stated was to allow
for maintenance of threads as some people were getting lost as some people
saw something in the middle of a thread that popped onto "their" forum.

That's understandable just use bcc or repost...

actually for those likely friendly conversation on ultralight ideas here's
another forum you might like to join.. Now don't leave at-L's campfire  :)


 And he's set up his system such that it's biased
>toward that preference - so he controls what goes in and out.  Makes a
>lot of work for himself in the process too.  ;-/

Awk, the purpose of the controls on WFs site was mine :(

I suggested he make a control list up of members. I did not expect it to be
used to control discourse so rigidly and what has turned out to be a somewhat
autocratic whip.  It purpose was to keep of spam not fellow hikers expressing
their views. It seems to have been unfortunately been used now, as an electric
control prod even when people are "begging" for tolerance. Well, speak your
opinions at the campfire. And keep your freedoms, don't "humble" yourselves but
be fair.

Oh the heck with fair. I love having at-L getting KC and Bristlecone what great
individuals. Spunky and experience and individuals. Welcome at my campfire
anytime :)

>Bill Thornloe is right - WF "NEEDS" another thruhike - the one he keeps
>postponing. He may have lost touch with what thruhiking is and what it's

I will say WF should read the old post header he had "In friendship"..
unfortunately and I am not humble, he obviously should take a step back and
see people are people and that he is one of those that attacks people that
don't agree with his ideas very personally.  The mirror is black, shine it,
wipe it off, there are enough sharp stones in PA that we should STOP now
throwing rocks. But I agree giving advice to friends or even non-friends
who are "toying" with our friends should get a wake up.  WAKE UP.

Read.. are all those hikers wrong ???

>Yes, Dan - some of us know you're listening on at-l.  Wake up, man.  You
>don't need to hike in 2000 - you NEED to be on the trail in March or
>April - 1999. If you're not out there, it'll start to become a
>credibility issue as well.
>Walk softly,

and let's all start the New Year's over this creek. The year will be fresh,
Take at least a night outing and get to a campfire to get real.

Forget the electrons. Remember we are all trail lovers. See the beauty in

And to all have a nice nite... BTW, I did put in a microfleece liner in my
mummy bag and it worked wonders at even 10*F.. Wow..

Also on a positive note, let me give

Barry Vanderhorst of Ultralight Outdoors a nice word.  He now makes ultralight
tent poles. He worked his fanny off making them and getting them to us by
eve and even sent them out express mail at his cost.  He's working very hard to
give the customer quality products.

On my Sierra Design 3 pole two person tent, I got them and was on the AT
the day
after Christmas. Got all those new toys from Kathy.

I saved over 1 pound, WOW in the tent poles and tent pegs weight savings..
           poles   6 pegs
Total      25    + 4.5 = 29.5 oz
ultralight 11    + 1.5 = 12.5 oz
savings    14    + 3.0 = 17 oz

Thanks a lot Barry.

Also the Pronton light I used as a nightlight in my tent. Wow that LED
weighs about the weight of a quarter and last a very long time.

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