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Re: [at-l] beer

Who could pass through Vermont without trying the very best micro:  Long Trail
IPA from Long Trail Brewing Company in Bridgewater, Vt.  There is a side trail
from the  A T to the brewery, but I don't know exectly where it leaves the
trail.  My son (former head brewer at Long Trail) and I are spring section
hikers every year.  Rawley is now the brewer at Times Square Brewery in N Y C.
Also try Jasper Murdochs Brewpub in Norwich, Vt, about 100 yards off the
trail.  In the White Mountains of N H is the Tuckerman Brewing Company in N
Conway, N H.  In Maine is Sunday River B C and Sugarloaf B C near Rangley Me.
Off the Long Trail in Middlebury is the excellent Otter Creek B C.  The list
goes on and on.  What great fun to hike and visit the various micros. 

      Tom Massoth 
      Pomfret(Thistle Hill on the A T) Vermont

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