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[at-l] RE: Booted off ATML

> Actually WF's server is on autopilot the way he programmed it ( which is great
> programming by the way ), he then has lots of work to redo those e-mail
> accts that bounced because they can't take attachments.  It makes his
> administration somewhat difficult.

At the risk of starting a long chain of non trail related mail...

Wingfoot is out there trying with his site and I give him credit for that, but anyone who has the admin problems he faces does not have their system set up correctly. Most up to date mail list servers can automatically strip most attachments. This isn't new.

There are also automatic bounce processors to almost eliminate the drudgery WF deals with if something does go wrong.

Lastly, the list really became a mess when things started being gated from the trailplace message boards and threads would come and go at seemingly random moments.

All in all, it was no longer worth staying in touch that way, especially when some of my favorite posters were booted, for what I considered "no good reason".

I'm not powerless, I unsubscribed on my own.


PS For those of you about to tell me that I should write to WF and tell him about the technical stuff, I've tried on a number of occasions to suggest what I would consider improvements. I never recieved a response that I can recall, though he may have sent me a thanks for the suggestions note, there was nothing substantive. No sweat, he should do as he pleases. So have I.

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