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Re: [at-l] It is offcial (from Admin)

As I've mentioned before, I'll hand out web space for any AT (or any
NST) related site... it's not some automated system like WF's so you'll
have to know a little HTML (or use an editor) and be able to upload...
nothing difficult.

Just say the word...

Best Wishes,

Ryan Brooks

KC wrote:

>  I have been kicked off the ATML, WATL and AT99 lists,,,such a shame ,
> such a shame. If someone belongs on both lists and someone responds to
> my last posts could you tell them I have been kicked off (better do it
> privately or you to will be silenced), I don't want them to think I am
> not responding to them,,,I can't,,,I have been silenced.    Now about
> that online journal,,,bet WF wouldn't let me post on Trailplace....How
> can I do it throughAt-L???? KC   now known as WAR EAGLE (just
> kidding,,,venting a bit).

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