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[at-l] Baxter State Park Rez Info

Baxter State Park, home to the AT's northern terminus, accepts reservations by
mail for overnight camping with postmarks of no earlier than Jan 1st 1999. 
Baxter State Park
Reservation Clerk
64 Balsam Drive
Millinocket, Maine 04462
207 723 5140
Shelters $6 pp $12 min 
Tentsite $6 pp $12 min
The opening date for overnight camping is Friday May 14th, 1999.
Now, will Baxter peak be open or not? Dunno, I've seen Katahdin climbed in
April via the AT, and still closed into July due to snow. In 95/6/7 trails
above timberline were closed into June. In 1998, however, trails above
timberline were open allowing the first two Southbounders of AT98, Puffin and
32Flavors, to start their hikes on BSP's first weekend.
This url takes you to a site with the rules and regs. There is no official web
site for Baxter State Park. Isn't that refreshing?
I suggest calling ahead, the people at BSP are very helpful. 
See you at the second annual TrailDaysNorth! 
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