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Re: Re[2]: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

>     made ANY impression if I'd had ready access to music (or news or 
> >     weather or sports or...) myself -- it was the unexpected and 
>ALWAYS  >     too short access that made it special..........

Another great reason. 

I remember this past summerr at the Eckville "shelter" in Pennsylvania.
(more of a hostel, really).
The caretaker had one those digital dishes, and had  one of the music
channels on.
While swigging a Mountain Dew and chomping on an ice cream sandwich, I
start to hear the familiar one string solo of B.B. King in "Sweet
Sixteen".  Wow!  I am huge blues fan, and missed my music quite a bit on
my hike. To hear some B.B. King (which was quickly followed by some S.R.
Vaughn) was simply magical.  If I brought a cassette walkman, I do not
think hearing that sweet solo would have held the same sense of
excitement and wonder for me. 

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