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Re: [at-l] Happy Holidays! and Thanks

Join me in being thankful, although thanksgiving is over - a recent bad scare,
which made it seem mom had little time to live, has turned into a miracle.
Probably she'll shoot me for mentioning it - but up until last weekend, we
thought her cancer was back and incurable.  Now it's just a pesky little
problem requiring surgery in two weeks.   You all may have wondered why we
announced the joyous purchase of her first pack, and then - nothing.  That was
the reason.  But with a little help from a wonderful surgeon (sp?) and lots of
good thoughts from people, all will be well, and we'll be able to join
Pittsburgh for his shake down hike in March.  So - I wish you all a wonderful
holiday, but stand secure in the knowledge that mom and I have been given the
greatest gift already. ;)  I especially want to thank those who supported us
and sent good thoughts our way throughout the scare.  A special thanks to the
lister that donated to the Cancer Society as my xmas gift.  This list has
helped me thru many bad things, but this was the worst, and even though we
didn't announce it to the whole list, (it wasn't Trail related, after all :))
the list still kept me sane thru this - so thanks, to all of you, my family at
large, and I hope everyone's holiday will be as great as ours <vbg>

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00
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