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Re[2]: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

     No radio for me. And not just for the very well put reasons proffered 
     by Paddler and Mr. Macaroni, but also for the special memories which 
     being WITHOUT provides: Freezing my nuggets off (X-mas term) in packed 
     Hawk Mtn leanto, wind whistling through every crack, chink, and ripple 
     in the back wall; everyone's stove roaring away, a couple of brave 
     fools attempting to light ancient wet wood, no room to move without 
     the slip and zip of nylon. And the Mainer Brothers (Dave & Jody Perram 
     from West Paris, Maine) had a FM/Cassette player (This is pre-Walkman 
     days, too!), and it was playing old Bob Dylan. "Tangled Up in Blue" 
     still makes me think of the start of my throughhike. It wouldn't have 
     made ANY impression if I'd had ready access to music (or news or 
     weather or sports or...) myself -- it was the unexpected and ALWAYS 
     too short access that made it special..........

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Subject: Re: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio
Author:  pmags@juno.com (Paul A Magnanti) at ima
Date:    12/27/98 8:45 PM

>suspect that
>when I get back, we'll still be talking about possible independant 
>counsil >investigations in Washington, and where Clinton is going to 
live once 
>he is >removed from office - either voluntarily in the year 2000 or 
February 28,1998,  Monica Lewinsky is the topic of news, Clinton might 
get impeached.
A native Rhode Islander (me) goes on a thru-hike.
August 1, 1998. Monica Lewinsky is the topic of news, Clinton will get 
I finish my thru-hike. Trying to figure out what all these cigar jokes 
are for...
Since I have been back home, I have not read one newspaper, watched CNN, 
or the nightly news.  And I use to be a political junkie. No more.  The 
three ring circus that is politics hold no interest for me. Twenty years 
from now, Lewinsky will be nothing more than an answer to a Trivial 
Pursuit question. 
The really important things in life are seldom covered in the news. 
I also did not carry a radio on my thru-hike. I felt the distraction 
would have taken away from my hike,  but that is what works for me, YMMV.
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