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Re: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

>Jeff -
>I wouldn't tell you to not carry one, but keep in mind that on the AT
>(or any other long trail) the weather report you get on the radio has
>nothing whatever to do with the weather on the Trail.  Weather reports
>are ALWAYS for populated areas - and for the altitude at those areas.
>The weather in the mountains is totally different.  It's not just a
>matter of translating 3.5 degrees per thousand feet to your altitude -
>Walk softly - and learn to read the weather, not listen to it,

Oh yeah, I wouldn't use it to for specific information on my location.  More
likely for listening for severe weather warnings such as tornadoes,
hurricanes, severe thunder storm fronts, etc.  I wouldn't want it for the
politics, sports or any of that other junk which would take away from
listening to myself.


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