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Re: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

>suspect that
>when I get back, we'll still be talking about possible independant 
>counsil >investigations in Washington, and where Clinton is going to
live once 
>he is >removed from office - either voluntarily in the year 2000 or

February 28,1998,  Monica Lewinsky is the topic of news, Clinton might
get impeached.
A native Rhode Islander (me) goes on a thru-hike.

August 1, 1998. Monica Lewinsky is the topic of news, Clinton will get
I finish my thru-hike. Trying to figure out what all these cigar jokes
are for...

Since I have been back home, I have not read one newspaper, watched CNN,
or the nightly news.  And I use to be a political junkie. No more.  The
three ring circus that is politics hold no interest for me. Twenty years
from now, Lewinsky will be nothing more than an answer to a Trivial
Pursuit question. 
The really important things in life are seldom covered in the news. 

I also did not carry a radio on my thru-hike. I felt the distraction
would have taken away from my hike,  but that is what works for me, YMMV.

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