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Re: [at-l] FW: Thru-hike Memories - Prehike planning. (Part 1)

In a message dated 12/26/98 12:48:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time, AT-
L@fallingwater.com writes:

<< By now, many of you are about ready to grab that disposable camera and
 notepad at the drug store and head for the hills.  >>

I was extremely disappointed in the quality of photos that the disposible
cameras provided.  They were not able to handle the variations of light you
often see on the trail.  I don't think they even had a lens, if they did it
had to be recycled plastic, the focus was horrible.  A pin camera would have
produced better results.

Anyone that wishes good quality photos should spend a couple hundred dollars
on a decent point and shoot with zoom and macro capabilities.

I would have been better off with just a notepad for visual image, then these
produced.  Course, I didn't carry that either!  Many thanks to all I know
online with scanned photos. : )

Your mileage may vary,  Sly
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