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Re: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

Tim and AT-L,

While I respect your action to not carry a radio, I feel that there are some
situations which a radio could be extremely valuable; weather is one.  I
guess it's just one of those control issues<?>; having control over the
wilderness, not letting the wilderness control you -- which of course most
of us learn is impossible.  Isn't that why people bring so much gear on
weekend hikes?

At times we have to submit to nature and get off the trail.  I've
experienced this in central Florida on a 100 mile hike through Seminole and
Ocala Forests.  Late the 8th day of the hike the winds really picked up, it
was obvious that a good storm was approaching from the NW.  Most of us could
tell by the clouds, winds and slight rain that night.  What none of us could
tell was that the storms were extreme and there were several tornadoes to
the North of us.  The next day we hiked in the wind, not knowing the extreme
weather that was to the north and south of us (as we later found out).
Luckily, someone who knew we were on the FT came to meet us to let us know
about the tornadoes warnings in the area.  After a little thinking, we
decided to play it safe and end our trip on the 9th day.  We had been dry
for 8 days and that's probably a record on the FT.

My point is that you can't "always" tell from looking at the weather
indications what the weather is going to be the next hour,day, or week.  A
small radio with an ear piece would not interrupt anyone else's solitude
from the real world and in my opinion would be a very valuable piece of

Jeff Walters

O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
Missing so much and so much?
Franced Cornford (To a Fat Lady Seen from the Train)

>I know lots of people carry them, but it's not the weight that keeps me
>carrying a radio. I don't want the interruption of my time away from the
>I don't need to know the weather report;  I can feel the weather on my
>I don't need to know the sports scores; I don't really care anyway.
>I don't want to know that we are bombing Sadam again; My taxes will just go
>to replace the $2,000,000,000 we spend next time keeping the world safe
>that evil madman Sadam for another 6 months (2000 cruise missles at
$1,000,000 each!).
>I don't want to know that crime and hate and discontent are still a big
part of
>the world I left behind.  I can't do anything about that while I'm on the
>- don't bother me with it please. I just don't want to know.
>I figure I'll get enough news in town stops and from section and day hikers
>anything interesting happens; you know, if it turns out that Al Gore is a
>cross-dresser, or that Newt really killed JR or that we have aliens among
>(didn't Feelix already prove that one), or anything else Earth shattering.
>I figure it will do me alot of good to be out of contact with what most
>reporters feel is newsworthy for the better part of 6 months. I suspect
>when I get back, we'll still be talking about possible independant counsil
>investigations in Washington, and where Clinton is going to live once he is
>removed from office - either voluntarily in the year 2000 or forcibly
>If you bring your radio, please keep the headphones on, and don't tell me
>shot whom today. I really dont' want to know.
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* From the Appalachian Trail Mailing List |  http://www.backcountry.net  *