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[at-l] Felix rules my life!!!

i am leaving today ( Sunday ) to seek out the Felix ( or maybe THAW out
the Felix ).  I should be retrieving him from the trail for a long
awaited appointment in front of the TV watching the Monday Night football
game ( Steelers v Jaguars ).  He is a die-hard Steeler fan ( a tough
thing to be these days ).  Any messages that any of you may wish to email
him will be delivered at that time.  I will be shadowing him as he
finishes his thru-hike, assisting in any way he chooses ( except for that
stained dress/cigar thing ). THEN, i will be his REINTRODUCTION TO THE
OTHER WORLD counsellor ( or he will be my REINTRODUCTION TO THE HIKING
WORLD consellor ).  RAH RAH Steelers, RAW RAW feet, THAW THAW Felix...

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