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[at-l] one mile at a time

If I can manage to get Sonny up and out
earlier I am going to try a short
climb.  After being out of commission
for so long with the ITBS and balance
problems, I really do want to try and
get back.  I don't really want to go
alone this time until I am a bit more
stable on my feet.  I think I will get
up early and cook something that smells
good.  That might wake him up!  So,
hopefully, my Leki's and I will get a
little jaunt in.  Do any of you feel
like you are going backwards when you do
a day hike?  Oh well, any little part of
the A.T. that I can reach tomorrow will
bring me great joy!  I must appreciate
all the little things.  Springer on New
Years!  Until then.......Linda

Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
Member of Doulas of North America
Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service

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