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[at-l] Santa Claus is a Thru-Hiker

Hi Folks,
For centuries Santa Claus has been trailing the Appalachian Trail in less
than 1 day.  He traveles at night, with 8 reindeer and a sled.  Does he get
a special permit so he could use the reindeer and sled on the AT?  I guess
one could say he was indeed the 1st AT Thru-Hiker?  Anyone who disputes
this claim will get coal in their stocking for sure;)   Has anyone figured
out what his outfit is made from?  It has to be windproof, waterproof, well
insulated and extremely breathable.  All the hard work he does carrying the
gifts and all through the night he must get pretty hungry.  With all the
cookies and milk kids leave out for him must be enough to keep him going
all through the night?  Do you think he brings food along for this night?
If he brings food along what type and how much?  For finding his way does
he use the ATC maps for deliveries along the AT?  Do the raindeer carry
raindeer packs with their food?  What type of packs do they use? What type
of food do they eat this special night.  Does Rudolph use Lithium batteries
for his nose or a Photonlight?  So many questions.  Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night.
John F. O'Mahoney
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