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Re: [at-l] Feelix

Alice says:

> > Felix says that since he has done this section before that he just wants
>  >  finish.  He has been doing some night hiking as well.

>  DaRedhead@aol.com writes:

>  Yea - he said the same thing here.  But I have to think that despite that,
>  summiting Springer will be a major event.  No matter how many miles you've
>  done before, it has to be awesome to go all the way.

He'll definitely summit Springer, I'm willing to place money on that.  He's
already a 2000 miler, and is certainly a thru-hiker!  If he happens to skip
some miles, here on out, I would think it's weather related.  But I don't
think so, he's come too far, the challenge and the goal is nearing.  

No matter the complaints, hiking in serious weather can only add to the

Go Felix!


PS  I think he's smart enough to bail out, if necessary.

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