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Re: [at-l] Feelix

Yeah....this only re enforces my reluctance to do much AT hiking
prior to my thru.  I want the Trail to be new to me...every mile.
And it also re enforces my decision to go S>N.  There is just something
about the 100 mile wilderness and then onto K that just seems......
well....I dunno.  Considering that Feelix 'completed' the Trail on the
west side of the bridge a Duncannon, a rather un auspicious spot,
and now to finish his thru over familiar terrain, well I guess I just
think I'd rather do it differently.  He is really ready to be done
and go home.  But I do wonder how long he'll stay there <g> k./\

Alice Kauzlarich wrote:

> Felix says that since he has done this section before that he just wants to
> finish.  He has been doing some night hiking as well.
>  The Highlander
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> > Subject: [at-l] Feelix
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> > I hope we can all send some positive vibes to da Feelixmon.
> > Weather channel makes it look preeeetty grim in the Smokies.
> > What a way to miss a view.  It holds true...the Smokies
> > do whatever is necessary to hide their wonders <g>  k./\
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