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Re: [at-l] journals - (was thru-hikering attitude)


You have the correct idea of how to journal. Journaling (if that is a
noun) is a very personal event. There is no correct way to do it. An
appropriate journal could be a few lines of poetry, haiku, a drawing, 16
paragraphs daily, a filled out form, another notch in the walking stick,
or whatever.

The important thing is to do what came naturally _before_ the hike.
Apparently you like to do poetry. Thank God you aren't Irish an into
limericks (There was a thru-hiker named Tucker....)

Atlanta, GA

Robert and Catherine Rubin wrote:
> I've never been able to keep a journal, and I tried starting when I began
> my thruhike, but it petered out within a couple of days. What I was able to
> do, however, was write a little four-line rhyme about each day I spent out
> there, mostly for my own amusement. They were dumb rhymes, and inside
> references, for the most part. I wrote them in the shelter registers, then
> copied them into my notebooks. It was too short a format for long,
> thoughtful entries, and tended to be impressionistic--focusing on some...
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