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[at-l] Hexamine vs. Esbit

>What are peoples' experiences with Hexamine?  And is it cheaper/more
>available than Esbit pellets?
>Lucian ("Bristlecone")
>GA>ME '99


As I recall someone (or several folks) with chemistry backgrounds have
written about the evils of hexamine on these lists within the past year.
Yes, hexamine is cheaper and it burns as well, or almost as well, as the
Esbit tabs.  Seems to be more available at outfitters that primarily serve
hunters, and is used with MREs I think.  But hexamine is supposed to be very
"unstable" and toxic as hell.  Not to be confused with the relatively
harmless Esbit tabs.

I wish I knew the techie stuff, but the above is the resulting layman's


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