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[at-l] Felix is back on the trail again....I think

Well folks, what can I tell you that you don't know about Felix?

He stayed here last night so he missed being out in the rain overnight. 
However, the cold is upon us here in western NC.  The mercury is dropping. 
I noticed this p.m. that there up at the higher altitudes the trees are
dressed in white.  I'll bet he is cold tonight!

We left him sitting in a restaurant talking with Wingfoot a little before
noon.  I thought he'd be outa here bright and early.  He might have even
been later ifn his mama hadn't called and woke him up!

We sure hope he makes it over the Smokies before it gets REALLY bad.  He
was some concerned about it.  I think he wants to make it to Fontana in 6
days.  Outside of Mt. Mama's I don't think there is anywhere he can get off
the trail.  He needs to go to Mt. mama's to get his permit I think.

It was a mighty excitin' evenin', and it shore weren't me that made it
Actually I was rather beat down when he got here and wasn't worth a darn!

Felix hopes to finish the AT about Jan. 5th.  I dunno.

 The Highlander

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