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[at-l] Thru-hike Memories - Series Proposal

Thru-hike Memories

Over the last few years I've put together a number of websites,
including two online journals. Along the way, I've picked up a few tips.
They may be of use to you if you're planning on publishing your
experience for either home or for the public.

If there is interest, I'll put together a series of postings on
recording your thru-hike. Through this series we'll explore a variety of
topics from planning your journal all the way through to developing a
website to display it. We'll look at photography from the use once to
the latest digital cameras, notebooks to computers for recording your
thoughts, computers for editing your journals, software for creating and
editing your journals, software for editing photographs. We'll explore
the different options in electronic communication including email,
developing your own website and the types of ISP's that host them,
developing your own domain or using one of the established sites (such
as Trailplace) to host your journal.

Whither your plans are to create as book recording your adventure for
friends or family, or creating an expansive website, this series should
help in sorting through the many options your faced with.

If you're interested you can email me at: ronm@fallingwater.com
<mailto:ronm@fallingwater.com> . Direct reply's to this post are sent to
the AT-L group on my exchange server.

Ron Moak "Fallingwater"

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