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Re: [at-l] Holiday plans (was - I agree, Rose!)

Oh, for the view from Blood!  I would try it from the other side next,
as that down hill into Neels Gap is a guaranteed knee breaker! (I know
I have to pace myself right now, but that is SO difficult!)  Blood is
where I first felt the pain from my ITB.  Not pleasant memories!  But
there is not a sunset or sunrise that can compare.......See you on the
trail someday!   Linda

Bill Thorneloe wrote:

> Won't go to Springer for New Years, but I'm hoping to get to Blood
> mountain for a day hike 12/26. Last year was a fun walk on Leveltop
> Mountain in the snow. Blood was too icy for a walk.
> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
> Linda Bertoncini wrote:
> >
> > .... No fun
> > falling off mountains but, if a blind
> > man can do it, so can I! (Thank you
> > Leki's! What would I ever do without
> > you?)  BTW Rose....how is that book
> > coming along?  Anyone going to be up
> > around Springer New Years Day?  Linda
> >

Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
Member of Doulas of North America
Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service

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