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[at-l] You gotta watch out for that Pittsburgh guy, too!

Just who do you think picks up after all those wannabe thru-hikers after
they pitch half their gear by the side of the approach trail to Springer?
And Pittsburgh had y'all convinced he worked in the off-season in a cubicle
doing CAD work.  :-)

The tipoff was the segment I saw on QVC, "Slackpacker's Appalachian Gear
Bazaar."  It was sandwiched between Richard Simmons' and Joan Rivers' shows,
and that's not a place I'd EVER wannabe sandwiched.


On Sat, 19 Dec 1998 02:41:22 -0500 slackpacker@juno.com (Richard K Mann)

>Subject: [at-l] So you finally found out about Skyline?
>Skyline will try and sell you anything.  He's sneaky.  All of a sudden he
>will have a big box of this, or a crate of that, and want you to go in on
>it with him.  Where did he get this stuff?  Watch out for this guy.
>OgRetard had it right.  Nip this in the bud while we can...
>You gotta watch Solar Bear too.  Why did he have that tutu on at the
>gathering?  Did any of you notice anything missing after his romps with
>the tutu.  He was drawing a crowd while his operatives cleaned out the
>place, room by room, tent by tent...
>Kahley is the worst, though.  She actually works as a rep for various
>gear manufacturers.  She pollutes this list with gear this, gear that,
>lets talk about gear, gear, gear.  She gets you all keyed up and out you
>go and buy this stuff.  Her commisions are huge...
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* From the Appalachian Trail Mailing List |  http://www.backcountry.net  *