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[at-l] foods I never got tired of

A while back Kahley asked what trail foods hikers never got sick of. 
Before answering, I need to explain that I have high expectations for 
food, both on and off the trail. It's gotta be good--especially if I'm 
going to carry it. And I don't want to get bored. Knowing that, I 
devised a plan to rotate all my food (yes, even types of chocolate). The 
same dinner never appeared in two consectutive maildrops, and a few 
meals appeared rarely (or only once) so they could be a treat. This 
might be harder to do if you're supplying in towns along the trail, but 
I think it's possible. For example, buy raisins at one resupply and 
dried apples at the next. You don't have to OD on most stuff.

Okay, here goes...I never got tired of pistachios, dried cranberries, 
iced tea and lemonade mix (water gets really boring for me when I 
drink it all day long), and a chili dinner I made with TVP/vegetarian 
chili mix (followed by a mint chocolate bar). I also enjoyed the coupla 
tea bags I threw in almost every box. 

The only thing I got really, really sick of was oatmeal. Should have 
known that; I hated the stuff before I left home. It was a great source 
of fuel, but got increasingly difficult to choke down.

Give Me Chocolate
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