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Re: [at-l] Missing stuff

Kahley wrote:

>If anyone else has found they are missing stuff
>email me for info in a class action suit ......<g>  k./\

Dear Kahley (that is pronounced "Kali" as in the Goddess);
    I am missing stuff. In fact, I am missing lots of stuff. I am not sure
what the "stuff" is because I am missing it. Everyday I wonder how much more
stuff I am missing. It causes me great pain on occasion and on other
occasions great joy because I don't know if the stuff is good or bad. I can
not make up my mind if I want to find the stuff. If you could find the good
stuff and send it to me I would appreciate it. You may keep all of the bad
stuff that you find or send it on to a deserving person. Thanks for you
help. KC

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