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Re: [at-l] thru-hikering attitude

>I would like to ask the question of journal publishers - Did you 
>write ><comments, please do not publish..... end comments> in journals

The only thing I wrote that I asked John to edit out was the Rusty
entries. Rusty does not like the Internet, and out of respect for him, I
asked that the Rusty entries not be published on the web. It would have
been much broader of an audience than Rusty would have wanted.  

Other than that, the entries were not edited.   Again, most of my entries
were how I thought and felt for that day, very little of the daily
routine.  A thru-hike was as more of a mental experience for me, so that
is what is reflected in my journal. 

There might be something here and there that is stored only in the grey
matter, but well over 90% of what I thought and felt on my hike is pretty
much shown.  Now, if that is a good thing or not is another question! :-)

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