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Re: [at-l] mat

Amy Friends wrote:
> > How thick is it and how much does it weigh?  I have a Thermarest
> ultralight (full-length) that's too heavy and yet not comfortable enough
> for me... in my case would you recommend the Skin Mat?
> Thanks,
> Sandpiper

If memory serves, my Skin Mat is 1.5" thick and 1#10oz. I gave up on my Thermarest 
ultralight (3/4 length). I am not a large person, but I was having trouble with it in 
the shelters. It was too thin for me to lie on my back, so I was rolling on my side and 
pulling up my knees to be comfortable. Every morning, I woke up almost unable to stretch 
out. The Skin Mat is thicker and seems to have a different density. No more problem 
(for me, at least...YMMV).

A happy camper-
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