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[at-l] Flip Flop

Hi Folks,
To all who responding to my questions on the flip flop from Harpers Ferry to
Spring Mountain I want to thank you. The messages I got privately and
through the list were very informative. 
My family and I have decided that March first I'll be starting my thru-hike
south from Delaware Water Gap and then flip flop back to DWG north. I only
live 45 minutes from DWG and this way my family can see me off on the start
of this
journey. I'll have about 2-3 weeks time to access my feeling of hiking
alone before I reach Harpers Ferry. At that time I can make a decision to
continue south or take transportation to Springer and head north. Either
way it will be a new and exciting experience for myself. 
So in other words I'll be going south or north from here or there :)
Happy Holidays to all.
John F. O'Mahoney
E=mail: johno@mail.monmouth.com
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