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Re: [at-l] mat/ magnetic inersoles


	Caution please don't hike with those magnetic inersoles. You could get
stuck on the first iron bridge you cross.

CHoover241@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/18/98 10:02:18 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu writes:
> > 've had a skin mat for the last two years, and I love it almost as much
> >  as chocolate! I think it's the best for weight and comfort--and it's not
> >  nearly so fragile as they seem to claim (in my experience, at least).
> Thanks for the information.  I slept on it last night and it was great!  It is
> only 5 ounces more than the 3/4 mat I have been carrying and takes up less
> pack space! What happens when yours gets wet? Does it dry out quickly or get
> water marks?
> I really can't believe my family is getting me backpacking stuff for
> Christmas....this has never happened before.  My mother got me a Karen Berger
> book and magnetic insoles.  Has anyone hiked with these?
>         choovers
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