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[at-l] Merry Felix

Felix the Pure has plans of hiking into Fontana Dam NC 28733 on the 28th
of December.  I surmise ( from the retelling of another persons telephone
conversation with Felix ) that he will then scream through the last 163
miles, ending on Springer about the 6th of January.  He will have the
pleasure of my company to cheer him on ( abuse him unmercifully ) the
entire time.  I will be retrieving email occasionally during that time,
and will happily pass on any messages that any of you may have for

My cubicle life ends on the 23rd of December.  I will be free, free,
freeeeeeeeee.  Sorry, got carried away.  I am going to hike with Felix,
then head south and do some winter hiking on the Florida Trail.  I have
10 ( count 'em, ten ) weeks of impulse vacationing coming up.  No
concrete plans, just a desire to put one foot in front of the other.


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