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[at-l] So you finally found out about Skyline?

Skyline will try and sell you anything.  He's sneaky.  All of a sudden he
will have a big box of this, or a crate of that, and want you to go in on
it with him.  Where did he get this stuff?  Watch out for this guy. 
OgRetard had it right.  Nip this in the bud while we can...

You gotta watch Solar Bear too.  Why did he have that tutu on at the
gathering?  Did any of you notice anything missing after his romps with
the tutu.  He was drawing a crowd while his operatives cleaned out the
place, room by room, tent by tent...

Kahley is the worst, though.  She actually works as a rep for various
gear manufacturers.  She pollutes this list with gear this, gear that,
lets talk about gear, gear, gear.  She gets you all keyed up and out you
go and buy this stuff.  Her commisions are huge...

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