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Re: [at-l] mat

I've had a skin mat for the last two years, and I love it almost as much 
as chocolate! I think it's the best for weight and comfort--and it's not 
nearly so fragile as they seem to claim (in my experience, at least). 
One time I pitched quickly during a storm. Somehow forgot to inflate the 
mat, but still slept comfortably--and without puncture--on a patch of 
gravel. Needles also used one in 97. Any specific questions"

Give Me Chocolate

CHoover241@aol.com wrote:
> Hey all!
> Santa has arrived in the Slyman/choovers household.  My brother gave me a
> Artiach Skin-Mat.  It is full size, packs up smaller than my 3/4 mat (the
> stuff sack measures 8x12), and it is as light as can be.  Anyone heard of
> these?  Anyone ever used one?  I have it inflating now for testing tonight and
> it seems it is nonslide also.  Is really bizarre looking.  Comes with lots of
> warnings about direct exposure to sunlight. The literature that comes with it
> says it the most compact and lightweight pad anywhere. For a catalog, it says
> to e-mail at amsupply@flash.net.
>         choovers
>         choovers
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