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[at-l] Felix additions to hikers anon -

I have no idea what number we're on. . .

If everytime you go into a public restroom you think about stealing some
toilet paper.

As soon as you walk out of a grocery store, you start ripping the packaging
off of all your food.

Yes, a Felix sighting :)  Outta Chocolate and I concluded Wednesday night that
Felix wouldn't be here until tonight (Friday).  This was disappointing, as I
am leaving in a few minutes for VA Beach, and figured I'd miss him.  Well - I
had no sooner gotten home with outta chocolate when the phone rang last night.
Felix didn't think much of our estimite -he was here.  So I turned around and
picked him up too.  He's putting in HUGE milage, being forced along at
gunpoint (or male pride, who knows? <vbg>) to do so, apparently by his new
hiking buddy.  I forget his trail name - but that's because Felix kept
referring to him as "The kid" so it's not my fault <g>  Anyway, he's alive and
well, and within three weeks of finishing (he says 2 and a half, but hey)
Outta Chocolate is doing great also, still enjoying every minute of his hike.
An inspiration in the right attitude to do a thru.

The Redhead
Ga > Me  00
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