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Re: [at-l] thru-hikering attitude

I did something similar on my last section. At the end of every day, I 
listed a nice person or event of the day "award" in my journal. It added 
a nice perspective to my hike and helped the way I interacted with 
others and thought about trail happenings.

Give Me Chocolate

hudsom@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Thank you Jim! It's good to hear the gear talk, but the bottom line for me
> is that the gear is just a means to an end...
> but the biggest, and sometimes hardest, part of the trip is in your head.
> I just wanted to pass along one of the "tricks" I used along the trail to
> "keep my head on straight"; I realized before I started that not every day
> on the trail would be a "good" day. I promised myself before I started that
> I would faithfully keep a journal (which I did), and the last line of each
> day's entry was what I called "TBTTHT" - "The Best Thing To Happen Today".
> It meant that no matter how much rain fell, how cold it was, and how
> miserable I was, and how much whining I did in my journal entry, that I had
> to come up with something good to say about the day. Sometimes it was only
> being 15 miles closer to Maine, or taking the pack off at the end of the
> day, but it really helped me keep things in perspective.
> Peace, Skeeter
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