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[at-l] thru-hikering attitude

Thank you Jim! It's good to hear the gear talk, but the bottom line for me
is that the gear is just a means to an end...
but the biggest, and sometimes hardest, part of the trip is in your head.
I just wanted to pass along one of the "tricks" I used along the trail to
"keep my head on straight"; I realized before I started that not every day
on the trail would be a "good" day. I promised myself before I started that
I would faithfully keep a journal (which I did), and the last line of each
day's entry was what I called "TBTTHT" - "The Best Thing To Happen Today".
It meant that no matter how much rain fell, how cold it was, and how
miserable I was, and how much whining I did in my journal entry, that I had
to come up with something good to say about the day. Sometimes it was only
being 15 miles closer to Maine, or taking the pack off at the end of the
day, but it really helped me keep things in perspective.

Peace, Skeeter

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